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LASIL's Interest Group on International Responsibility and Environment calls its IV Group Meeting and Symposium to take place on May 28, 2015 in Córdoba, Argentina.

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It has been decided that LASIL will organize its IV Biennal Conference in 2016 in Santiago de Chile. More information about the dates, general theme and programme to follow.


Find here the provisory programme of the World Meeting of Societies of International Law to be held on 27 and 28 May, 2015 in Strasbourg with the participation of Prof. Marcelo G. Kohen, General Director of LASIL.



LASIL's new Interest Group on International Courts and Tribunals
The new LASIL Interest Group on International Courts and Tribunals was established at the suggestion of Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida (Getulio Vargas Foundation Law School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). The background for the interest group is the increasing number of international courts and tribunals in different levels of governance (universal, multilateral, regional, and sub-regional) and Latin America’s active participation and contribution to thedevelopment of international law through international adjudication.
If you are interested in becoming a member of this interest group, please contact Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida (


You will find below information for individuals and legal persons interested in becoming new members of the Latin American Society of International Law (SLADI) or for current members interested in paying the annual membership fee. This information includes the relevant bank details and the required documentation to be sent to become a member.
The steps for becoming a member are as follows:
1) The interested individual or legal entity should send a letter of interest along with its resume to the email:, for review and approval;
2) Once the received documentation is analysed, and if the candidate is accepted, she must make the deposit of the membership annual fee amounting to $ 50.00 (US dollars fifty), and send the deposit slip with identification 


Current members should send the deposit slip confirming the payment of the annual fee to the Secretary: 
The bank details are:
Name of institution: Latin American Society of International Law
Bank: Banco do Brasil (Bank 001)
Bank Address: Viaduto Dona Paulina, 80 - 3rd Floor - Center - CP: 01501-020 - São Paulo - Brazil
LASIL Address: Street Senator Feijó, 154, room 64, São Paulo, 01006-000 CP
Banking Code: 5949-8
Current Account: 5448-8
IBAN: BR9500000000059490000054488C1
CNPJ: 20803992 / 0001-00
Members of LASIL benefit from the participation in conferences of the Society; the receipt of newsletters and other communications; the possibility to  affiliate themselves as LASIL's "associate member" ;  discounts on books and activities LASIL according to the policies of the Society.
Wagner Menezes
Executive Director 

IV LASIL's Conference 2016 - Call for institutional applications to host the event

We invite our members and through them to their institutions to propose the organization of the IV Conference LASIL in August 2016. Proposals must contain the following information:

1) Venue of the event and suggested dates (two and half days of sessions )
2) Logistics (creation of website SLADI IV Conference 2016, outreach, registrations and applications,  tuition for non-members, conference materials, etc)
3) Possibility to fund tickets and accommodation of panelists
4) Possibility to organize reception and / or dinner for participants and other social activities


The general theme of the 4th conference shall be decided by the Executive Council LASIL, but suggestions of candidate institutions are very welcome. The deadline for submitting proposals is March 31, 2015.

Proposals should be submitted to the Director General and the Executive Director of the SLADI, Professors Marcelo Kohen ( and Wagner Menezes (wmenezes4 @ The decision will be made by the Executive Board no later than May.

The European Society of International Law will hold its 11th Annual Conference on The Judicialization of International Law – A Mixed Blessing?  in Oslo, the 10 – 12 September 2015


The 2015 ESIL Annual Conference will be held on Thursday 10 – Saturday 12 September 2015 at the University of Oslo. The Call for Agora Proposals and Papers and Call for Posters are now open, and the deadline for submissions is 31 January 2015.

Further details of the event can be found on the conference website


Find here the final programme of LASIL's  III Biennial Conference.




The President of LASIL, Judge Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade, of the International Court of Justice, has received the Doctorate Honoris Causa of the University Panteion of Athens, Greece, in a ceremony that took place in Athens, last 1st July 2014. The University Panteion, one of the oldest of Greece, decided by unanimity to grant him this title “as a recognition, on the part of the community of Greek international jurists, for his world-wide contribution to the development of international law, his action for the promotion and protection of human rights, as well as for the consolidation of international justice”. The ceremony was an impressive one, having counted on the presence of Greek international jurists from all over the country, including the former President of the Institut de Droit International and the former Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights.

Find here LASIL's latest's newsletter with updated information on the III Biennial Conference.



Please find here the programme of the III LASIL biennial Conference to take place at the University Externado, Colombia from 14th to 16th August, 2014.






Consulte aqui o programa da III - Conferência bienal da SLADI a ter lugar na Universidade Externado, na Colômbia de 14-16 agosto de 2014.






Encuentre aquí el programa de la III Conferencia Bienal de la SLADI que tendrá lugar en la Universidad Externado, Colombia del 14 al 16 de agosto de 2014.







LASIL  Study Groups on International Responsibility and Environment are proud to launch a new joint project on: "International Responsibility of States and Environment". This investigation will be conducted in tribute to Professor Julio Barboza, LASIL’s Vice President, in recognition of his significant contribution in the development of the knowledge in the subject within the context of his work as Special Rapporteur and Chairman of the International Law Commission of the United Nations and in his numerous publications, making him an unavoidable reference for all interested researchers.

This joint initiative seeks, among other objectives, to impart dynamism to LASIL’s study groups, to achieve greater representation and plurality in their integration and to achive synergy of individual efforts. Given the breadth of the subject in its formulation, the scope of the project will cover research on State’s responsibility for internationally wrongful acts as States’ liability for harmful consequences arising from acts not prohibited by international law. This will allow authors to conduct research in different sub-lines and accomodate diverse interests. Within the field of State responsibility (considering international norms of environmental content as primary rules ), reasearch may be conducted on the currently existing case law of different international juadicial and quasi-judicial accountability institutions. Additionally, they are rich and novel developments in the field of environmental monitory mechanisms envisaged by multilateral treaties and systems. The field of State liability for harmful consequences of non prohibited acts is new and even more fertile for the scholar development of lege ferenda. Aspects such as the emergence of a customary rule on strict liability, causal or sine delicto or absolute responsibility, the contested category of global public goods, the required locus standi for the invokation the responsibility, the duty of guarantee, allocation of resources, offer a very interesting material for exploration and reflection.


For further information on this project, please contact those responsible for the study groups, César Alberto Moreira ( Environment) and Rafael Prieto Arturo Sanjuan ( International Responsibility).



Os Grupos de Estudo da SLADI sobre Responsabilidade Internacional e Meio Ambiente se orgulham em lançar um novo projeto conjunto cujo tema geral de pesquisa é “A responsabilidade internacional do Estado e o meio ambiente”. Essa pesquisa se realizará em homenagem ao Professor Julio Barboza, Vice-presidente da SLADI, em reconhecimento à sua significativa contribuição no desenvolvimento e conhecimento sobre o tema, tanto por seu trabalho como Relator Especial e Presidente da Comissão de Direito Internacional das Nações Unidas, como por suas inúmeras publicações, antecedentes que o elevam ao posto de referência iniludível para todos os pesquisadores interessados na matéria.

Esta iniciativa conjunta persegue, entre outros objetivos, imprimir um dinamismo ao trabalho dos Grupos, conseguir uma maior representação e pluralidade na integração dos mesmos e obter uma sinergia dos esforços individuais. Dada a amplitude da formulação do tema, a pesquisa compreenderá tanto a responsabilidade do Estado por atos ilícitos internacionais, como as consequências prejudiciais originadas por atividades não proibidas pelo Direito Internacional. Deste modo, haverá espaço para muitas e variadas sublinhas de trabalho, de acordo com o interesse dos autores. Dentro do primeiro campo da responsabilidade (considerando os regulamentos com conteúdo ambiental como normas primárias), cabem todas as instituições próprias da responsabilidade internacional, existindo uma vasta jurisprudência de diversos órgãos jurisdicionais e quasi-jurisdicionais internacionais. Ademais, são muito ricos e inovadores os desenvolvimentos que em matéria de mecanismos repreensivos preveem os Tratados multilaterais ambientais e seus sistemas. O outro campo de estudo é ainda mais inovador e fértil para o desenvolvimento da doutrina da lege ferenda. Aspectos tais como a emergência de uma norma consuetudinária sobre a responsabilidade objetiva, causal, absoluta ou sine delicto, a controvertida categoria dos bens considerados patrimônio comum da humanidade, a legitimação ativa para invocar a responsabilidade, o dever de garantia, o modo de alocação de encargos, entre outros, oferecem um material muito interessante de exploração e reflexão.  

Para mais informações,  entre em contato com os responsáveis pelos grupos de estudo, Alberto César Moreira (Meio Ambiente) e Rafael Arturo Prieto Sanjuan (Responsabilidade Internacional).   


Português embaixo, English below, Français ci-dessous


La Tercera Conferencia Bienal de la Sociedad Latinoamericana de Derecho Internacional SLADI-LASIL, tendrá lugar en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Externado de Colombia, los días 14, 15 y 16 de agosto de 2014. El tema general de la conferencia es “América Latina y la jurisdicción internacional”.

El programa general de la Conferencia incluye cuatro sesiones plenarias y diferentes paneles temáticos. Los ponentes de las sesiones plenarias serán convocados por los organizadores, los expositores de los paneles serán seleccionados según los términos de esta convocatoria. Los idiomas de trabajo de la Conferencia serán: español, portugués, inglés y francés.




A Terceira Conferência Bienal da Sociedade Latino-Americana de Direito Internacional SLADI-LASIL terá lugar na Faculdade de Direito da Universidad Externado de Colombia, os dias 14, 15 e 16 de agosto de 2014. O tema geral da conferência é "A América Latina e a jurisdição internacional".


O programa geral da Conferência inclui quatro sessões plenárias e diferentes painéis temáticos. Os palestrantes das reuniões plenárias serão convocados pelos organizadores, os expositores dos painéis serão selecionados de acordo com os termos do presente anúncio. As línguas de trabalho da Conferência será: Espanhol, Português, Inglês e Francês.




The third Biennial Conference of the Latin American Society of International Law (SLADI-LASIL), to be hosted by the Externado University of Colombia, will be held in Bogota on August 14-16, 2014. The conference topic is “Latin America and international jurisdiction.”


The three-day conference will include four plenary sessions and several panels. Conference organizers will invite speakers for the plenary sessions. Panelists will be selected according to the terms of this call for papers. The working languages for the conference will be Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.





La Troisième Conférence biennal de la Société latino-américaine de droit international SLADI-LASIL aura lieu à Bogota à la Faculté de droit de l’Université Externado de la Colombie du 14 au 16 août 2014. Cette Conférence aura pour thème général « L’Amérique Latine et les juridictions internationales ».


Le programme général de la Conférence comprend quatre sessions plénières et différents panels de discussion thématiques. Les rapporteurs des sessions plénières seront convoqués par les organisateurs et les exposants des panels de discussion seront sélectionnés conformément aux critères établis dans cette convocation. Les langues de travail seront l’espagnol, le portugais, l’anglais et le français.


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Please find here the Call for Papers for publication  on  “Conceptualising Accountability in International Economic Law” by the University of Cagliari (Italy).


In connection with the sixty-sixth session of the International Law Commission (5 May – 6 June and 7 July - 8 August 2014), the United Nations Office at Geneva is organizing the fiftieth session of the International Law Seminar, to be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva from 7 to 25 July 2014.

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LASIL organizes its 3rd Conference to take place at the Law School of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, in Colombia Bogota during 14 to 16 of August, 2014. The general theme of the conference will be 'Latin-America and the International Jurisdiction'. 

Call for papers (FR)

The International Court of Justice has extended the deadline for the application for 2 positions of Law Clerks to Judges of the Court until November 15, 2013. More information of the position here.


The Law School of the National University of Mar del Plata, the Institute of Environmental Law of Mar del Plata's Bar Association and LASIL's Study Group on Environment organize next October 10th the 'International Serminar on Regional Integration, Trade and Environment'. 





The International Court of Justice wishes to appoint 2 Law Clerks each of whom will provide research and other legal assistance to one of the judges of the Court.  Find more information on the positions here.


The President of LASIL, Judge Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, inaugurated the II Brazilian Congress of Human Rights, held in Fortaleza, Brasil (06-17 May 2013), en Fortaleza, Brazil, wherein he delivered the opening address on the topic “Contemporary International Tribunals and the Right of Access to Justice”, on 06 May 2013.





The President of LASIL, Judge Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, delivered a series of five lectures at the Academy of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, in the Washington College of Law (28 May to 01 June 2013). Within the general theme of “Access to Justice in the Era of International Tribunals”, his lectures covered the following five topics: a) The Expansion of International Jurisdiction and of International Legal Personality; b) The Expansion of International Responsibility; c) International Tribunals and the Victim-Oriented Approach; d) The Unity of Law and the Multiplicity of International Tribunals; e) Jurisprudential Cross-Fertilization and the Importance of General Principles of Law. The lectures delivered by the President of LASIL, Judge A.A. Cançado Trindade, counted on auditors from all over Latin America, as well as  from other regions in distinct continents. 



The Executive Board of LASIL has appointed Professor Wagner Menezes  as the new Executive Director of the Society.





President of the SLADI Addresses the II World Conference on the Right to Education (Brussels, 08 November 2012).

 (Summary of  the speech)




Call for papers


The Study Group on International Responsibility communicates a call for papers on international litigation or legal defense of the State. Although this project's originates in Colombia(Centro de Estudios de Derecho Internacional “Francisco Suárez, S.J.”), international and comparative approaches would be very much appreciated.





III LASIL's Conference 2014 - Call for institutional applications to host the event


We invite our members and through them their respective institutions to propose themseleves as hosts of LASIL's III Conference to be held in August, 2014. Proposals should include the following:

1) Venue and dates of the event (2.5 days of sessions)

2) logistics (creation of the website advertising the conference, outreach, applications, conference materials, etc)

3) possibility to fund tickets and hotel expenses of panelists

4) possibility to organize a reception (or other social activities) for participants

The deadline to submit the institutional application and proposal is March 31, 2013. These should be sent to






Applications for the Global South Scholar-in-Residence Programme at the Graduate Institute are open 


This fellowship is open to outstanding young scholars from universities from developing and emerging countries pursuing advanced research in areas bridging the fields of international and development studies, broadly defined, and working in disciplines such as anthropology, history, international law, politics and political science, and economics.


Selected scholars will be funded to spend a one semester residence at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. This scholarship will provide the selected scholars with the opportunity to strengthen the curriculum of their course, further personal research, participate in teaching courses and interact with the international community of the Institute and Geneva. 





New book : Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement


The settlement of international disputes has been one of the most researched fields of international law since the adoption of the Charter of the United Nations. The obligation to settle international disputes through peaceful means, raised to the category of one of the fundamental purposes and principles of the Organisation, has contributed to the development of the practice of traditional means and the multiplication of new ones. Consequently, legal commentary has followed this path. Indeed, major studies exist on both diplomatic and judicial means of settling disputes. Some have a general scope, covering the full array of available means or a significant portion of them. Others focus on a specific method (e.g. mediation or inquiry) or on a given area of international law (e.g. human rights, environmental law, international trade or foreign investment). Yet, little attention has been devoted specifically to the interaction between diplomatic and judicial means of international dispute settlement.

In a new volume co-edited by professors L. Boisson de Chazournes, M. G. Kohen and J. E. Viñuales, this interaction is examined in detail. The volume, which is the result of joint project undertaken by the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the European Society of International Law (ESIL), and the Latin-American Society of International Law (LASIL), with support from the Swiss Directorate of Public International Law, the Graduate Institute, and the Geneva Law School, brings together a distinguished cohort of academics and practitioners to address this complex issue. Contributors include former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, ICJ Vice-president Bernardo Sepúlveda Amor, and many other prominent international lawyers from different countries, such as Georges Abi-Saab, Pierre-Marie Dupuy, Lucy Reed or Helène Ruiz Fabri.

Through a blend of conceptual approaches and in-depth case studies, the volume provides an analytical framework to steer research and reflection on this increasingly important area of international legal practice.








We are very pleased to announce LASIL's Study group on Human Rights' new book entitled "El margen de apreciación en el Sistema Interamericano de Derechos Humanos: proyecciones regionales y nacionales" (The Margin of appreciation in the Interamerican System of Human Rights: regional and domestic projections) published by the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas, Mexico. This work consists in a collection of articles by specialists on the topic coordinated by Paola Andrea Acosta Alvarado and Manuel Núñez Poblete.


[Access to the publication




LASIL sponsors the III Brazilian Symposium of International Courts and Tribunals coordintaed by Prof. Wagner Menezes on "International Tribunals and Systemic Interpretation of International Law" to take place November 8 and 9 at the USP Pedro Conde Auditorium.





LASIL’s President, Judge Antonio A. Cançado Trindade was invited to the Bi-annual Conference of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) taking place past 13-15 September at Valencia, Spain.

The President affirmed the importance of the latinamerican doctrine in international law, reflected today in different international instruments, such as the fundamental principle of the prohibition of the threat of force (Art. 2(4) UN Charter) and right to access to justice (Art. 8 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration), of latinamerican origin.






Find here of the 2012 Colloquium in International Law organized by The University of Concepción (Chile) to be held on 27 and 28 September at the University of Concepción (Chile) under the institutional support of LASIL.






The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM and the Institute of Legal Research (IIJ) co-organize the "Permanent Seminar of the Mexican Journal of International Law: Latin-American Proposals to current challenges" to be held on September 20 and 21 at the "Auditorio de la Coordinación de Humanidades" at the University Campus, Mexico City.







LASIL's Second Biennal Conference which took place in Rio de Janeiro last 23-25 August was a big success where current topics of International Law were discussed under a latinamerican perspective. Pictures to be posted here soon!






Find here the working papers to be presented at LASIL's Second Biennal Conference.






The Arbitration Centre of Mexico organizes the XII Edition of the CAM - BMA Arbitration Moot, for law students of Mexico and other Latin American countries. The oral phase of the moot will have place during 30 and 31 January and 1 February, 2013 in Mexico City.







LASIL's Second Biennial Conference's final programme is available here.







LASIL's Second Biennial Conference's preliminary programme is available here. Registrations to attend the conference are free and should be requested to the following email:, indicating  name, surname, position and affiliation.








The Organizing Committee of LASIL's Second Biennial Conference to be held in Rio de Janeiro on 23-25 ​​August, has received over 50 proposals for papers. The Committee will communicate the results of its selection shortly , lamenting that due to organizational reasons, and despite all proposals being of good quality, the number of accepted proposals will be limited.







Announcement  and call for papers for the 2012 Colloquium in International Law, "The Input of Case Law in International Law of the XXI century" organized by the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Concepcion, Chile and counting with the institutional sponsorship of LASIL.







The International Court of Justice has announced the opening of two vacancies for Law Clerk to Judges of the Court positions.


[Vacancy announcement]




LASIL's President, H. Exc. Bernando Sepúlveda has been elected Vice-President of the International Court of Justice.

ICJ Press Release




Update on the activities of our Study Group on "Current Issues on International Responsability"





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The President of LASIL, Judge Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, inaugurated the II Brazilian Congress of Human Rights, held in Fortaleza, Brasil (06-17 May 2013), en Fortaleza, Brazil, wherein he delivered the opening address on the topic “Contemporary International Tribunals and the Right of Access to Justice”, on 06 May 2013. 



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